And so it begins

Quite impressed with the halva

Kljukusa..aka potato pie

Sogan Dolma...before it hits the oven

192 Countries for Dinner - The Concept

Four years ago my husband and I worked for a company that did after-work drinks on a Friday. Thanks to the awesome in-house barista/chef, accompanying food was also provided. At the time our then 2 year old and 4 year old joined us for after-creche nibbles as a dinner substitute on a Friday evening. 


After leaving the company and going freelance, my husband and I kept the tradition of Friday drinks and nibbles alive with a buffet-style dinner each week. As the children grew older, the style of the evening changed slightly. Each week one of the family would choose their favourite meal for us all to enjoy on a Friday. By now the children are 6 and 8 and the food choices are starting to get a little repetitive. April always chooses 'things on the table' which is a buffet style meal of crackers, cheese, olives and other nibbles. Harrison had a tendancy to choose cherio sausages or hot dogs whilst the adult choices rotated between curry, burgers, nachos, tapas and other regularly recurring meals.


As with most families, our meals got stuck in a rut and our Fridays became routine once more so we decided to change things up. Instead of someone picking a meal, we were going to pick a meal from a certain country....and to make it even more exciting, we were going to pick EVERY country. With 192 countries, we are all set for the next circa 4 years.


We shared the concept with friends on Facebook. We couldn't believe the response we got so have decided to share our culinary journey on this blog. We'll share our menus and our experiences - the good and the bad. 


Welcome to 192 Countries for Dinner!